Safe Pick Pouch


For the serious beach cleaner. Add this fantastic safe pick pouch to your beach cleaning collection.

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By our Litterpicker partner Helping Hand.

  • Pick those nasty sharp items up with the help of this Safe Pick Pouch
  • Handy and transportable, leaving you to clean up an area ‘hands-free’

It includes:

  • 1 pair of disposable nitrile gloves for added protection
  • Stainless steel forceps for controlled removal especially when the item is embedded in a surface
  • A 0.1 litre Sharps Bin that acts as a needle isolation cylinder, especially in case of an injury as the bin has a snap-shut mechanism so the needle can safely be taken to the hospital to be analysed as quickly as possible
  • A clinical waste bag for those nasties that you come across
  • 5 disinfectant wipes 

The Helping Hand Company is a UK manufacturer of Litter Clearance Tools. Helping Hand will donate a percentage of each sale back to #2minutebeachclean.